About Talking Design

Designers today have to be able to communicate verbally as well as visually. In the workplace it is normal practice for a designer to facilitate conversations and provide clarification to a whole project team. No design will go anywhere without good verbal communication.

But designers are fundamentally visual communicators. So how do we bridge the gap to perfect our verbal skills? How do we explain our ideas and the rationale behind our design decisions? How do we direct clients to write a good brief? How do we motivate a team?

Talking Design offers help with these issues and more. In twelve chapters we talk to experts – designers, lecturers, design commissioners and stakeholders – about their experiences in the workplace.

Each conversation is posted here as a video. We invite your feedback on the points raised and to tell us about your own experiences.

When complete Talking Design will be a published book.

Talking Design is the start of the conversation. Our aim is to continue the dialogue, to help designers to improve their verbal and leadership skills.

So join our conversation or sign up for updates and help designers and the people they work with to get better design in the workplace.

About the author

Mariana Morris is Head of Design at the software development company Oxford Computer Consultants. She’s a UX designer with over 12 years of experience and she co-founded the monthly event UX Oxford.


Talking Design is sponsored by Oxford Computer Consultants. OCC is a 65-person company who design and develop software, web apps and mobile apps for social services, health, engineering and sciences.